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7.62x39, 700 rounds sealed in spam can Trade for 5.45x39

For Sale Or Trade
Price: 320.00 USD 320.00 USD
Added 04-30-2021 11:36:34
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I have a sealed spam can w/opener of 7.62x39 ammo, 700 rounds. Lowest cost I have seen the 7.62x39 123 grain FMJ ammo is $0.50 per round, in quaintly it is close to $0.45 per round, plus shipping and tax.  Same current price for the 5.45x39 60 grain FMJ ammo. I need 5.45x39 ammo, FMJ or hollow point. Will trade my 700 rounds for 500 rounds of the 5.45x39 AK-74 ammo in 60 grain bullet size. Corrosive or Non-corrosive 5.45x39 ammo, doesn't matter. Easy to neutralize the corrosive salts in the ammo then clean rifle as usual.

In my experience all imported military ammo should be considered as having corrosive primers no matter what the importer says. Corrosive primered ammo lasts for decades. I have some 1938 marked German 8mm ammo that still fires same as new ammo.  Clean your rifle or pistol accordingly. 

Or-Sell for $320 cash, no tax.

For those who asked- cannot tell if this is red or green lacquered sealed ammo, would have to open the can to find out. Per my notes it was newly mfg. for the commercial market and uses the same M43 lead core bullet they swapped into all that East German white box and Hungarian MFS 7.62x39. Difference is this Romanian ammo wasn’t re-bulleted. 

BTW, this ammo has been stored inside of A/C cooled and heated house.  






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