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This is a Mossberg Model 346 KB- Mossberg only made this gun for year, 1967. Hammer forged barrel means this barrel will last forever. There are still plenty of parts around for this rifle as some of the biggest names in 22's have made a version of this rifle. Marlin, Savage/ Stevens/ Springfield, and Winchester. 

This is a tube-fed bolt-action rifle that shoots S-L-LR. The stock finish and original bluing are in excellent condition. Did I mention, we love 22 rifles??

All our used firearms are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, oiled, and if needed, repaired by our Gunsmiths. Every 22 rifle is test fired for functionality and accuracy. We only shoot one round to test functionality, two rounds to determine correct sight adjustment, and three rounds for accuracy. A performance pic is included with every firearm we display so you know the firearm is in excellent working condition. 

Disclosure and guarantee: In all fairness, not every 22 rifle is destined to become a Tac-driver no matter how bad we want them to be. That said, we will never modify or over-gunsmith a firearm to make it perform better just to sell it. Because we love 22 rifles, all the 22 rifles we sell are 100% stock as the original manufacturer intended. The quality of our work is in the sight adjustments and the above inspection steps. If you want to know what repairs were made to the firearm or what the setup was when we did the test firing. Send us an email we'd be happy to tell you.

UPDATE: This 22 Rifle might just be a tac-driver. The first three shots were good until I did some adjusting. Then the next two shots were nearly on top of each other. The third shot got away from me there. All shots were at 25yds. Shot with Aguila 22 HP, Super Extra hollow Point" Copper Jacket 38 grain @ 1280 FPS. The target size is a 2" Birchwood Casey "Target Spots" sticker with the center ring no larger than a quarter. All things considered, the 4th and 5th shots I expected to be close, but not THAT close. This Gun shoots amazingly well. it has a 24" barrel and it is 5/8" at the muzzle. with the full Cherry wood stock, it's a little on the heavy side for a 22 rifle. But, I think that's why this is an amazing shooter. I started shooting many moons ago with a Rem 552 Speedmaster and it's about the same weight.

We can ship this rifle to an FFL of your choice.

We NOW accept all major credit cards. And also accept Cash, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle. NO CHECKS of any kind. No GOOGLE VERIFY.

SERIOUS inquiries only please.

Thank you for your support. We are grateful for your business.



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